Evening at Sadda Pind for best village life experiences, Amritsar

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Head for an evening visit at a village resort- Sadda Pind at Amritsar to experience the culture, traditions and culinary delights in a visually-delight way. The ambiance of this place echoes its traditional living, folk dances through dance performances, magician shows, fun camel rides and other games. This interesting tour ends with succulent Rajasthan delicacies in dinner. 

Post this Sadda Pind tour with dinner, you would be dropped-off at the hotel in Amritsar.
Punjab is the proud turban of India – fertile, prosperous, fiesty and joyful. The city of Amritsar is one of the most important in Punjab. Sikhism was born in Punjab and Amritsar is synonymous with the holiest shrine of Sikhism, the Golden Temple. It is a huge and beautiful double story marble structure where people from all over India and abroad throng . People feel lucky to take part in 'kar seva' or 'service to others' in the temple. Apart from this there is the historical Jalianwala bag in Amritsar is worth a visit, with its tragic story dating back to 1919. 

A Visit to Amritsar is incomplete without savouring the wide range of mouth-watering punjabi  culinary delights. Amritsar is famous for its vegetarian and non-vegetarian food cooked in clarified butter.

The best time to visit Amritsar is between November and March as the summers are a bit harsh. Winters sometimes get too cold but are good for exploring and sightseeing.

Duration: 4-5 hour
Theme: Culture + Sightseeing + Culinary
Location: Amritsar 

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