A Quick Handy and Beginners Guide to enjoy wildlife safaris in India

Wildlife Safaris in India , Home to breathtaking landscape, amazing culture and fascinating places, India is a one-stop destination that is ideal for enthusiast travellers. Owing to its diversity, the country is home to various national parks and sanctuaries which you can visit on your wildlife safari tours in India. These destinations are situated in every nook and corner of the country and allow the travellers to explore and experience the diverse wild side of the region. All from snow-draped mountains, scrawny desert to lush forests and amazing wildlife, the country has a lot to offer to nature and wildlife lovers.

Wildlife Safaris in India

The Indian subcontinent houses different styled sanctuaries where one can enjoy nature and be amidst the wildlife. There are different types of safaris that can be experienced on your tours such as desert, swamp and snow-filled areas. You might have experienced trekking, snorkelling, camping and other adventurous activity, but wildlife safari in India is something that will leave your awestruck making your Wildlife Safaris in India worthwhile. Touring these exotic destinations can be an ideal choice for your tour.

In India, the Beginners Guide to Discover Wildlife Safari helps guide anyone who wants to experience wildlife. Admit that everyone has their own thoughts on what a holiday should look like. While some people like to meet their relatives, some would like to come to a rural backdrop to enjoy their time. Others may even want to sit back and enjoy a good nap at home. Yet, definitely, some are adventurous.

The adventures could include everything from camping, hiking to a safari in the wild. If you’re looking forward to enjoying a wonderful safari in India, there are a couple of things you definitely should take care of.

As a beginner, you need to think about all the variables before the journey actually starts. It’s better to know what kind of excursion you’re going to be on and what all is going to be included.

Here are a few important things you’d need to think about.

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Choose your Guide wisely

When on your wildlife safari tour, make sure to choose your guide wisely. It is better if you ditch your travel guide and instead opt for wildlife sanctuary guide as they will guide and let you know more about the region and the animals.  As it is said that not all travel guides are naturalists. While exploring, you can find various safari guides at the national parks and sanctuaries who can share useful information with you, help you spot animals and even share fascinating stories making your wildlife safari tours in India unforgettable and exciting.

Be Patient

Safari is not a show where you can instantly spot tigers and other animals. It can take several minutes, often, to find an animal in their natural environment. Patience is the main ingredient in wildlife safari tour. If you choose to safari in the tourist season, you can find the animals with their cubs. Otherwise, it would be time-consuming to find even a growing animal. Make sure you stay calm and wait for the animals to come out of their zone and allowing you to view them from a closer view.

Take short breaks amidst your safari tour

When embarking on a wildlife safari tour, make sure to take restroom break as it would take quite a lot of time during your wildlife safari tour packages. You should always carry a light snack and water before you start your safari experience. Be it any kind of safari, keeping water with yourself is important all the time.

Be careful when taking your children

If you choose to scale out the sanctuary on foot, it is better to avoid taking children. If you’re on a bus, a jeep or an elephant; kids would love it. Always get them some entertainment. Make sure to carry food and water for children as they can get fussy. It would be prudent to share your experiences and interests with them making your wildlife safaris in India memorable.

Protection of camera and other gears

Camera is the main accessory during a wildlife vacation. But note that you’d pick up a lot of dust, particularly if you’d visit a sanctuary in landscapes such as desert, semi-green forest, and others. The dust can damage the lens on your camera. So always protect your camera lens and if you miss a tiger by clicking, you can find another, so protect your gears for a hassle-free vacation.

What to Wear

Not all sanctuaries with biodiversity are hot. There are also sanctuaries which are focused on snow. So, make sure you research about the place and climate before you head off for your wildlife Safaris in India. Prepare accordingly. It is always better to wear a couple of extra layers to be safe. If it’s heavy you should take them away. Colourful clothing will draw animals. Adhere to khaki or dull green colour. Thick socks and shoes should always be worn during the safari tour.

Safety First

Adventure and entertainment experience are essential and part of the experience but it is also equally important that we keep safety as well. Make sure you follow all the safety (Wildlife Safaris in India) guidelines that are provided to you by the guide to avoid any mishap. If you see a sign of avoiding feeding animals, do not do so as there is a perfect reason why those signs have been put up.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always carry a medical kit that includes hand sanitizer, cotton, bandages
  • Enjoy your safari without disturbing the animals as you can easily spot them from a distance
  • Taking pictures in your camera is important but wait for your guide’s instruction while on your tour
  • Do not litter
  • Do not smoke or lit fire while on your safari as jungle fire can be disastrous.
  • While on your safari tour, be cautious about the animals as they would attack for its own safety. So make sure to keep distance and avoid feeding them

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