India Travel Guide

Our exclusive India Travel Guide covers all the basic prerequisites for tourists who are traveling to India for the same time. It also provides basic essential information for potent travellers to India to make their sojourn a smooth and worry free one. If you are one of them, this travel guide seeks to answer all your possible queries regarding your trip to India.

This detailed guide is formulated by our travel experts who are well-versed with the in and outs of India Tourism. This can help you stay prepped up with all the basic requirements mentioned here well in time. You are suggested to this India Travel guide prior to every visit to India for a more enjoyable trip.  At last, we wish everyone an unforgettable India escapade! 

About- India(Bharat)

India also called ‘Bharat’, is a diverse land whose history has been a witness to origin to treasurous belongings that speak volumes of its magnificence. It is a conglomeration of 29 states, 6 union territories and its capital is New Delhi. Almost every state of India has a unique set of traditions, culture, beliefs and lifestyle dating back to the Indus civilization (1900-1800 BCE).

It has gained excellence over the years and is progressing in science, art, technology, innovation, lifestyle, architecture, literature and the list is endless. It is truly an ethically-diverse country that respects the traditions of every religion and supports national unity.
A trip to this widespread cultural extravagance could last for a lifetime as you visit this country and enjoy sightseeing, warm hospitality, sumptuous delicacies, glorious history and explore the exotic wildlife all at one place.

The Basics

The Location

Research about the destination prior to visit. Keep yourself updated with the culture, traditions and daily lifestyle of its locals. This will open up your vistas to a whole new world and help you connect better with the people there. 

Capital City

The capital of India is New Delhi that shares its borders with Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttarakhand and so on. It is the starting point of the popular Golden Triangle Circuit and mostly every India sojourn.

Main Airport

The Indira Gandhi International or IGI Airport attracts the largest number of international flights. This Airport is well-connected to major cities of India. You can board a flight from this airport when travelling to remote areas of other major states.

Language Spoken

The mother tongue is Hindi but its major cities’ residents can speak English.


The national currency of India is Rupee and the currency code is INR (Indian National Rupee).


You would usually need a Visa to travel to India. You can apply Visa online prior to 30 days of your trip.


You shall be accompanied with a professional English-speaking guide at every destination you visit during your tour with us.


It is recommended you get yourself vaccinated for Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B. However, it is not mandatory. You can consult your medical practitioner for the same.

Dress Codes

If you are visiting any pilgrimage attractions, it is advised to wear traditional or fully-covered clothing. 

Peak Season


The best time to discover India’s diversity is the winter season (September to March). The northern region observes mild to extreme cold conditions while the Southern region offers pleasant weather conditions through the season. This is also an auspicious time to enjoy its cultural festivals as these are majorly hosted during this time.
It is certainly described as the tourist season as it attracts travel enthusiasts to its most popular destinations like Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala and its capital- New Delhi too. We suggest you plan your trip as per your preferred weather conditions for a more enjoyable expedition to India.

Low Season


If it is difficult to keep your cool while the scorching heat is on a rise, it is suggested to avoid visiting from April to Mid-July. The weather is all heated up and it might exhaust you during the sightseeing tour. However if you are visiting India in this season, keep yourself hydrated and stay indoors as much as possible. Also, ensure that you eat healthy and freshly-cooked meals through your stay. 
It is called the Low season for a reason! The sweltering temperatures might keep you off from discovering the attractions as you would prefer staying indoors in daytime. However, you can head to the hilly regions like Mussoorie, Shimla and Manali etcetera for some relief from heat or you best visit here in the peak season. 

Popular Destinations to Visit in India

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