Spiritual & Pilgrimage

India is a commonplace for spiritual seekers as this country practices spirituality since the Vedic Times ( c. 1500-c. 500 BCE) known as the ‘heroic age’ of ancient Indian civilization. Here the people consider spirituality as a way of life and not just a mere holy ritual. The Spiritual destinations covered in our below tours are ideal spots for you to absorb the peaceful spiritual ambiance of these places and get rejuvenated naturally. 

Did you know, it was Bodhgaya in India where Lord Buddha (Founder of Buddhism) gained enlightenmen. If you are a spiritual seeker, our spiritual tours offer incredible getaways that will heal your mind, body and soul. The most popular spiritual spots are covered in the tours below.
India is also the holiest abode for infinite religious souls who travel miles to pilgrimage spots situated across the country. The holy shrines of the temple have intricately-designed statues of the holy Gods and the architecture speaks volumes of the local craftsmen skills of its time.

India being a country of diverse cultures and religions, it has a vast number of pilgrimage sites of huge significance.  The faith and devotion of the locals is unmatched and if you wish to witness the same, our pilgrimage tours shall fulfil your goal.
Each sacred site holds a deep meaning of its existence that can be best discovered when you visit it. We recommend you to attend the daily Aartis to soak in the real essence of religious divinity and diversity of India.

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Vaishno Devi Mata Darshan Yatra from Jammu

Embark on a sacred journey to the Vaishno Devi Mata Temple in Katra of Jammu & Kashmir. Lakhs

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Hemis Festival Celebration in Ladakh

The festivities of Ladakh are a high-spirited testament to the Buddhist influence across the regi

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Special Shri Ram Mandir tour in Ayodhya

The legendary city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh (North India) is a timeless place, situated on the

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Spiritual Himachal Tour

Himachal Pradesh is a hub of pilgrimage spots and is right called the ‘Land of the Gods&rsq

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Sri Patna Sahib Ji Pilgrimage Tour From Kolkata

This tour takes you to Patna, where you explore the relics of ancient civilizations of India bear

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage Tour to Varanasi and Bodhgaya

With this Pilgrimage tour package, you are sure to indulge in spiritual endurance and learn about

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Buddhist Tour of Odisha

Odisha is full of nature and adventure, the state with its glorious history. The less established

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage Tour of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a hub of pilgrimage spots and is right called the ‘Land of the Gods&rsq

Spiritual & Pilgrimage
Maharashtra Jyotirlinga Tour

Maharashtra Jyotirlinga Tour with Shirdi is an ideal package for all those looking to spend their

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Travel ideas by month

The country of India shall stun you with its extravagance through the year. However, when you discover its diverse charisma in the right season, time and climate, your experience becomes worth more cherishing.

Its rich beauty, deep-rooted cultures and zesty festivals can be enjoyed through the year but it’s time you plan your India tour the smart way. Below is a quick guide to detail you on which destinations you shall travel respective to each month.

We believe to bring you rounded up with a salubrious climate in the month you visit India. This well-crafted guide would make it all the more easier for you to design your itinerary the intelligent way so that you can enjoy the best of your trip.

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