Crocodile Dundee Goa by Ferry, Goa

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Watch a bunch of fierce yet harmless crocodiles in the thick, vibrant mangrove habitat of the Cambarjua canal in Goa. This canal stretches upto 15 kilometers and connects the two major rivers- Mandovi and Zuari. You can easily spot crocodiles here as they are the cold-blooded ones and thus, reach out to the mud banks often to soak up sunlight.

The mangrove habitat also homes prawns, fish and mollusks. It is estimated to be an abode of around 40-50 crocodiles who are worshipped as guardian spirit of the Durbhatwadi community. They are believed to be a unique breed as these crocodiles suitable to stay in freshwaters have adapted to saline mangrove environment that’s rarely seen anywhere else in India

It is a completely safe activity as there are no reports citing any human killings by these crocodiles. It is an amazing activity for the adventure lot and you can even take a boat tour to watch the crocodiles closely without any worries.

The Western coastal region of India is blessed with the State of Goa, located on the Arabian Sea. Goa is an irresistible visual feat dotted with sun-kissed beaches, some amazing waterfalls and loads of tropical vegetation. Goa has an essentially Western flavour about it as it was ruled by the Portuguese for quite long and its landscape is dotted with Portuguese architecture& churches.

Goa would never fail to charm you throughout the year but a pleasant weather shall add to its perfection. The months of October to March would be perfect for a visit here.

Duration: Approx, 3 Hour
Theme: Adventure
Location: Goa

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