Feel the divine bliss at Palani Temple, Madurai

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An ideal exemplary of Dravidian architecture- the Palani Temple is one of the most revered temple in Tamil Nadu. This holy temple observes thousands of devotees who worship Lord Subramaniam believed to be the God of War here.
The 'Abhishekam' or the pouring of holy substances on the idol of residing deity is an everyday early morning ritual that shouldn't be missed by visitor here.

Tamil Nadu is a State located at the extreme South of the Indian subcontinent. The people here are very religious and the whole State has a rich heritage of temples.  Tamil Nadu is the land of  Lord Murugan (Lord Shiva's son– the God of War) and there are six great temples dedicated to Him.  One of the most sacred of these shrines is at Palani hills near Madurai. 

It is a famous pilgrim places for Hindus and hundreds of devotees throng this temple to take the blessings of their favourite Lord. This temple, which dates several centuries back,  is located on a hill top and the idol of Lord Murugan here is said to be made of nine poisonous substances, which have been mixed in a certain proportion to form an eternal medicine.  

Palani is best visited in the months of October to March, when the temperature is not extremely hot.

Duration: Approx. 7 hours
Theme: Spiritual
Location: Day trip from Kodaikanal to Palani    

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