Rafting Adventure on River Betwa, Orchha

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Orchha is not just a heritage delight but also serves adventure enthusiasts with a thrilling river rafting at Betwa River. The swift rapids keep your adrenaline levels on a roll during rafting and it is also fit for kayaking. River Rafting being the most lovable water adventure becomes all the more worthwhile when you head for this sport at the Betwa River. So top it up in your bucket-list now and explore this fascinating adventure at its best.

The Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh is known to be a treasure house of architecture, wildlife and natural abundance. Orchha is one such magnificent gem in this treasure-trove. Orchha was founded by the Bundela Rajputs in 16th century on the banks of Betwa River. This heritage city is an amalgam of religion and history. It is said that Lord Ram, the Hindu deity, rules Orchha as a king and He is still revered as a king and not as God in the Ram Raja Temple, where he is supposed to dwell even to this day. The skyline of Orchha is resplendent with magnificent forts, palaces, temples and cenotaphs. 

The colossal Betwa river, which flows through Orchha is surrounded by a wildlifesanctuary. The adventure enthusiasts can enjoy river rafting in Betwa, which is largely placid but has different levels of rapids. A visit to Orchha is a wholesome experience to be carried home.

The best time to visit Orchha is between the months of October to February, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Duration: Approx. 3 hour
Theme: Adventure
Location: Orchha

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