Mughal Heritage walk to Kachpura Village, Agra

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Mughal Heritage walk to Kachpura village is a unique experience that gives behind the scenes of the world’s most popular tourist attraction. On this tour, you would visit the lesser-known monuments of the Mughal Era, interact with the local village communities and also enjoy a spectacular view of the Taj Mahal.

This same day heritage walk tour in Agra is a 1-kilometre stretch that you shall cover with a local guide. This tour’s major attraction is the Taj Mahal, a beautiful mausoleum built from pure white marble. This historical monument is majestically standing on the banks of River Yamuna with a vast Mughal garden in its surroundings. 

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has graced the heritage of India with its beholding existence. Its unparalleled poise and magnificence speaks for its dedication, purity and love. It is renowned as a jewel of skilled craftsmen of its time that made this example of architectural brilliance the 7th wonder of the world.

This masterpiece truly deserves more than a visit for it will leave you mesmerized on every visit. An interesting fact about this heritage walking tour is that it’s a community based initiative in order to generate income for the village people living in close proximity. 

Duration: 2 Hours
Theme: Heritage Tour
Location: Agra

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